27 feb. 2011

The MNG Fashion Show Guatemala 2011 Finale

So at last I could post the MNG (Mango) Fashion Show in Guatemala for February 2011... the pictures are blurry sorry about that, but when I got to the show I realized I has forgot the other camara, so had to work with what I had =) Hope you like it and soon I'll post a little red carpet they had going on...
It was a great show and I wish there were more fashionable activities going on in Guatemala... take care, I'll post soon and bye to February....

Xcentrico Street Fashion Guatemala

Today on Street Fashion Guatemala we give the men a turn... from Xcentrico to you...

25 feb. 2011

Tonight's Street Fashion Guatemala

Street Style Guatemala is kicking some fashion tonight...  and to finish up a little drink yum yumm

Guatemala Street Fashion

Tonight for Street fashion Guatemala: Red Hot by Guess dress with black Bling bling...

Street Fashion Guatemala take 3

Today in Guatemala Street Fashion: A girl with a fresh look... Her headpiece is just fabulous giving that 70's feel to the whole outfit... Great look!

Street Fashion Guatemala take 2

Street Fashion Guatemala at the Mango MNG fashion show in Guatemala 2011... Back to black


Glamorous Anne Hathaway

23 feb. 2011

Pick it up

Algunas veces los accesorios son el alma de tu look... Así que no los dejes guardados en la cajita del los recuerdos...

22 feb. 2011

MNG Fashion Show Guatemala 2011

Durante los ensayos previo al fashion show MNG 2011, con zapatos de Torreblanca, y Joyeria por Andrea Novella.... e aqui los ensayos de las modelos previos al show...